How to Connect

For GUI environment

  • The following steps are intended for those who have already had experience of solo mining, and will explain the steps specific to pool mining.
  • We are using a client for testing as of July 01, 2021, so many items are not yet in Japanese. The images will be replaced as soon as the Japanese version of the client is released.

1.Upgrade client software

Versions lower than 1.2.0 will not be able to connect to pool mining, so be sure to use version 1.2.0 or higher.

Version 1.2.0 or higher of the client adds a pool tab as shown in the image below, which displays the connection status with the mining pool.
You can also configure the connection settings to the mining pool from this tab.

2. Get your 100mojo from the official Faucet!

In order to connect to the mining pool, you need to generate a token called NFT and use the blockchain to get approval from other participants. It takes 1mojo (0.0000000001XCH) to generate this token, but there are many people who don’t have any XCH at all.
However, as a remedy, anyone can get 100mojo by entering the receiving address at Chia’s official Faucet (the faucet where the money comes out).

For the Wallet Address, please copy and input the “Receive Address” as shown in the image below.

Wait for a few minutes and 1mojo will be credited as shown in the image below.
The currency unit is displayed as TXCH because we are using a test environment, but it is usually displayed as XCH.

3. Connect to the mining pool

Declare the connection to the mining pool by utilizing the mojo received from faucet.
First, press “JOIN A POOL” from the Pool tab as shown in the image below.

Next, enter the URL of the pool server for the mining pool you wish to join.
Enter the URL exactly as shown in the image below.

To enter the URL of the pool server to connect to, we recommend using the copy button on the right side of the bottom line.

When you enter the URL of the pool server, the detailed information of the pool server will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen, and when the correct information is displayed, click the “Create” button.

It will take a minute or two for the NFT (token) to be embedded in the blockchain and approved by the network, so please wait until you see the following screen.

When the NFT is approved, the image below will appear and the connection to the mining pool will be completed.
The name displayed in the red frame is an identifier randomly generated at the time of registration to the mining pool, and it is used to identify which mining pool is being selected when multiple mining pools are registered.

4. Create plots for mining pools

Go to the “ADD A PLOT” screen, which is the same as when creating a regular plot.
“5. Join a Pool” has been added at the bottom of the screen as shown in the image below, select the identifier of the mining pool you have just registered from the pull-down list.
The other items related to create a plot are the same as for conventional plotting, so please enter them as appropriate.

Clicking on the “CREAT PLOT” button will start the plot creation process as before, and after the creation is completed, harvesting will start with the mining pool automatically connected.

When you go to the Pool tab after the farming starts, you can check the connection status with the mining pool as shown in the image below.

The details of each item, such as “Current Difficulty”, explained on the “FAQ” page.

For CLI environment

  • The explanation for connecting from the CLI environment assumes a Linux environment.
  • The procedure for setting up the environment is the same as in the previous version of the module (up to version 1.1.7), so I will skip the explanation.

1. For a new installation

Install the client software using the following command as described in the official website.
$ git clone -b latest –recurse-submodules

2. Confirm that the module supporting the mining pool has been installed.

Make sure that the description of plotnft is displayed by using the following command.

$ chia --help | grep plotnft
  plotnft     Manage your plot NFTs

‘plotnft’ is a command that was added to support mining pools, so it will not show anything for older modules.

3. Get your 100mojo from the official Faucet!

In order to connect to the mining pool, you need to declare in advance that you want to use a token (NFT) to connect to the mining pool. However, it takes 1mojo (0.0000000001XCH) to generate the token, so run the following command to confirm the receiving address, and then use the official Chia Faucet to receive 100mojo.

$ chia keys show
Showing all public keys derived from your private keys:

Fingerprint: 4187232420
Master public key (m): b83de55c89997fe2c5c73e226f9cc57a005603ee1790b64da3cab1c089c702a8a8dbcb44a38f92754455e2a76ab172
Farmer public key (m/12381/8444/0/0): 88cfb3fcfa63e79d840597d870487379fdbc2ebbbc9dcacef9aad8c896ffaf59caa47c1f8618b14186c2b150
Pool public key (m/12381/8444/1/0): 94f0782d52cc52ab44d3c9f2c7e96a82fddfedeb05064128fa005a96d52a63849229eaac501940f1dee39acd364449
First wallet address: txch1tlmszfpct7hj3d4qg5t6tcnc0je4y6ah68tghyteqy5tndkw9lst3vje3rh

Wait for a few minutes and 100mojo will be credited.

4. Generate PlotNFT

To declare a connection to the mining pool, generate a PlotNFT with the following command.
After entering the command, you will be asked to enter the Y/N key to confirm, press “Y” to proceed..

$ chia plotnft create -u -s pool

---- Pool parameters fetched from ----
{'authentication_token_timeout': 5,
 'description': 'Chia mining pool',
 'fee': '0.01',
 'logo_url': '',
 'minimum_difficulty': 1,
 'name': 'Chia mining pool',
 'protocol_version': 1,
 'relative_lock_height': 32,
 'target_puzzle_hash': '0x1e63090cff898799b29ee93f643f35a7c09321fa398988e361d6defd090481c1'}
Will create a plot NFT and join pool:
Confirm [n]/y: y
Transaction submitted to nodes: [('ca91f3dbf326a2def73d4b4bfe0f0fd4ea6ca8b4d5ac03792fca51f37f932dd8c', 1, None)]
Do chia wallet get_transaction -f 367128400 -tx 0x66983bc4467cdd09d8c1a18c24d561f97edcaeb20d75205177dda07ca062e4bf to get status

It will take a few minutes for PlotNFT to be approved by the network (blockchain), so please wait a while before proceeding to the next step.

5. Confirm PlotNFT

Execute the following command to check the information of the generated PlotNFT.

$ chia plotnft show
Wallet height: 316766
Sync status: Synced
Wallet id 2:
Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL
Current state from block height: 314719
Launcher ID: c5833aec5e943239ab7f3c50b81c2b677f8db75c89073f53ffe0cf09edd1cf8c1
Target address (not for plotting): txch1re3soiu03x86e06zgys8qsq9ga6vr7dd83cmp6m0ddynfwws0vm98qwjej
Owner public key: b793c32b5753058c587686c29e1d5914fa72d097b8b9d4a972fa90e72ded2028b878cc68b8ea5651f93a64fa14d8ebae
P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting): txch1lunvrafjgu95sdyly64w9gsahq4yvqyva8kpcd6rns8pkly0nl57tamm2
Current pool URL:
Current difficulty: 1
Points balance: 0
Relative lock height: 32 blocks
Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address): txch13kxd5ar6n6v6qrgw59qzqcj2hnncqxxu83p6yt8ctwzsvwl8ax8e7ml6r9

The following two items in the output information are important.

  • Launcher ID: (LINE 7) Used for referencing statistics information on this site
  • P2 singleton address: (LINE 10) Use it as a key to generate the plot

6. Generate portable plot

You need to specify the pool contract address to generate portable plots that can be used in the mining pool.
The pool contract address is the address displayed as the P2 singleton address when the PlotNFT is generated.
The pool contract address can be specified with the -c option.

(Example of plot generation command)

$ chia plots create -c txch1v5kfj2dnrx8g3nr6qecgj2amphqqpx4j4pzxxcrx8ku5rs004zsstxmwge -k 32 -n 256 -b 4096 -r 4 -t ~/ChiaTemp/01 -d ~/ChiaTemp/01

7. Farming of Plot

After the plot is generated, it is automatically connected to the mining pool specified in PlotNFT, so no special configuration or command execution is required for farmer or harvester.
For the CLI, there is no command available to check the connection to the mining pool, but you can check the increase in points over time by entering the Launcher ID on the Statistics page.


When using this service, please be sure to read the terms of use. By starting to use the service, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms of use.